About us

About IAS Junior

We are a group of working officials, retired bureaucrats, academicians, professors and aspirants.

The intention behind developing IASjunior platform is to make a much-needed revolution in competitive exams preparation

We want younger future aspirants to learn from our experiences and put their effort in the right direction.

Everyone of us will write competitive exams for sure at least once in our lifetime – be it upsc exams or state exams, railways, ssc, bank exams, military services etc. A common paper in all the career oriented exams is general studies preparation. This paper is the deciding factor for your future career. Most of them miss on the preparation of general studies.

It is very vital to prepare yourself on general knowledge, analytical thinking, current affairs etc from your school or college days itself. This is the base for the birth of IASjunior.

In IASjunior mentorship program, we give a personalised schedule, study materials, mock tests, feedbacks and follow-ups for each aspirant looking into his grasping abilities.

It is a very innovative and very essential program for every learned individual.

Students need not spend lakhs on coaching centres with unassured results.

Learn the smart way by choosing IASjunior

All the Best


Vision Without Action is a Daydream. Action Without Vision is a Nightmare

We help you develop the vision and keep progressing successively towards IAS. Success comes to those who have a goal in the front and a mentor leading them towards it.

All you have is a dream.You need to have a clear vision of your dream to make it real. Many blindly start their journey without even knowing their destination This is the reason why 99% aspirants fail and only 1% succeed. Having a solid start is half the battle won.

For example,

You encounter a situation where you will have to fight two WWF champions to win. You are sure you cannot win over them. Will you accept the challenge?

Any sane person will not. You will run and save yourself

Now, imagine the same situation where you are not alone but with your mom. You have to fight to save her. Will you accept the challenge or run now?

You will fight until your last breath. You will never give up.

Putting mom into the same situation changed your actions altogether. Here ‘mom’ is serving as your purpose.

That is the importance of the purpose (Vision) which makes the approach and commitment outstanding.


Question yourself

What is becoming an IAS officer feels like?

Why do you want to feel that way?

What it takes to be there?

Why do you want to be there?

This exercise seems futile for few. It is Not! You must be excited to start your preparation. Having clear purpose will keep that excitement alive. Your determination will become so solid that nothing can stop you from succeeding. You will be empowered to beat all adversities. We mould your ambition to that vision which guides you and motivates you throughout.


Success Belongs to Those Who are Goal-Oriented, Determined and Persevering

Having concept clarity of your school curriculum along with passion in knowing about your society is all that you need to crack UPSC exam. We orient you to see things through UPSC perspective, be it your school syllabus or the daily happenings around you.

Vision needs right orientation to serve as a purpose to guide you to success.  IAS is your purpose. You need to eat, drink and sleep IAS now.

We mean, You need to inculcate those traits which is demanded by your purpose like

  • Having logical and balanced views on issues.
  • Becoming curious observant of things and incidents happening around you.
  • Out of the box thinking to avail simple solutions to daily life societal problems etc.
  • On the spot flow of thoughts to the questions asked.

For this, we treat you as a civil servant! i.e we make you think on real life problems which you will anyway be doing after entering the service. We guide you to orient your thoughts in that way through practical instances and assignments. Yes! This is not a one way coaching where we lecture on something which you note down and forget. Traits cannot be built that way. You should first believe and act like an officer to be ONE.


To Reach Your Destination, You Need a Right Direction

We help you think and work in right direction from early stage.

What to study, how to study, how to make notes, how to retain what you have studied, how to present answers etc – We will be your companion pushing you towards your destination.

Direction is where we give you the right sources to prepare, right way to prepare and monitor the outcome consistently. This exam itself is an year-long process. It is natural to get drifted from your paths. This is where most of them fail. What if you have someone to have a check on your progress, who will be your friend and guide in this preparation journey. IAS junior is that friend or companion who will become the lighthouse in your UPSC preparation journey.

Only promise you will have to make is to trust the approach and follow only one guide. We are not asking to follow only our approach. Follow anyone approach. You cannot row two boats at a time.

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