General Studies Essay Paper: “A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes”

Thoughts - Mahatma Gandhi

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Syllabus: General Studies Essay Paper: Proverb


A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes”.- Mahatma Gandhi


This phrase is well revered all over India. It’s an English translation of “Yadhbhavam, thath Bhavathi” which is enshrined in our Vedas. This quotation by Mahatma Gandhi explains that a man can be described by the kind of thoughts he chooses. Thoughts can either be positive or negative. It can be good or bad, happy or sad. What one thinks, will attract it into his life. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. One’s thought can mould him to become the kind of person he wants to be. Ultimately, the personality of a person is the showcase of his thoughts.

Human’s nature, that is his actions, his words, his behavior, all depends upon his thoughts. It is said that “thoughts become word, and word becomes actions and actions become our destiny”. Scientific research suggests that our thoughts define our destiny. It is the same reason why suddenly a cat turns violent when its life is in danger. It is meant to criticize the inferiority complex of many human beings who doesn’t realise their potential and end up under performing. 
To consider an example: Two twins who are separated during childhood become two completely different Personalities because of the environment in which they grow. The environment provokes the thoughts of the child, which define their character eventually. 
Swami Vivekananda, one of the most popular monks of 19th century, advocated the same principle to eradicate poverty. He preached that each one of us are special, and it’s just the blanket of darkness which is separating us from realising our potential. Most of the social evils like untouchability can be fought by changing the thought process of people.


These days the problem is with our thinking process. Positive thinking will result in viewing everything positive towards us, whereas negative thinking will lead us to destruction. To act in positive thoughts increase truth, and to act in negative thoughts increase falsehood and delusion.

Positive thoughts (or seeds) are those pure thoughts which demand the well-being of all. These thoughts fill us with love, wisdom, selflessness, goodwill, trust, harmony, truthful living, righteousness, faith, happiness, peace, joy, cooperation, forgiveness, straightforwardness, kindness, cheerfulness, contentment, unpretentiousness, nonviolence, patience, steadfastness, self-control, realization of misery in birth and death, detachment, alertness, awakening, evenness of mind in favourable and unfavourable situations. If we plant positive seeds in our minds, they will enable us to be close to our true Being; resulting in right lifestyle.

Negative thoughts (or seeds) are evil, which are devoid of the sense of true love and well-being of all. These thoughts fill us with ignorance, evil passions (desires and fears, anger, greed, attachment, pride, enviousness, stubborn mindedness), obsession, suffering, doubts, corruption, selfishness, hatred, cruelty, hypocrisy, cynicism, untruthfulness, quarrel, “I-am-ness”, anxiety, worry, the feeling of like and dislike, and so on. These negative seeds become obstacles on the path of love and righteousness in this world. Also, they sap our vital energy and inhibit us from accessing our intuitive intelligence and real Mool within.

Many criminal activities are a result of negative attitude of the person. For example, the recent Kathua rape case of an eight year old girl, Asifa, was a shameful incident in our country, which displays negative thoughts of the criminals. Also, in the world, the attacks on Syria, killing many lives shows how much negative thoughts people have.


The modern day life is such that we hardly have time or enthusiasm to remember to be positive, virtuous, humble, good, tolerant, forgiving or kind in our dealings with other human beings. In the process, we have no patience to observe and understand “what we really are”. Closing our eyes to such day-to-day lifestyle that is governed by reactions and whims (false ego regime), we dream of reaching somewhere. Along the way, we measure our progress by “name and gain”.

People who are depressed in life usually think in a negative way most of the time. Whenever a person strikes with a negative thought, he must change it into positive. At that instance, a person should think on a subject by using words with positive meaning. Turning negative statements into positive is the only solution. Here is an example to support this :
Alas, I have just Rs. 1000. I am not rich, and I don’t have a job. How am I going to survive?”
This statement concentrates on how poor the person is, which makes him upset. He wastes his energy on thinking how he will survive with such a minimal amount of money.

Or put the same statement as,
Wow, I have Rs. 1000. I can survive for few days and in these days,  I should work hard to find a suitable job for myself.
By this statement, he will devote his energy on searching the job. Thinking explicitly and genuinely about the happenings around oneself in the affirmative way is the best option. If a person is having problems in his life. Instead of worrying about the situation and becoming weaker and weaker, he must face the problem with courage and think in a positive manner.


How can we change negative thinking, ideas, wicked tendencies or concepts? Choosing the right thought process is just what we need. But it is easier said than done. Although the choice is ours but to have that right choice, we need practice, correct self-efforts, earnestness, willingness, right thinking strategy, and a high degree of self-awareness.

Inner Simplicity, which is the absence of psychological construct self-image, is necessary. With inner Simplicity comes a natural integration of emotional, intellectual and physical layers of one’s personality. The scriptures tell us that by consistently cultivating good thoughts, we can change the character-formation in us. By aligning our thinking with the Pure Consciousness within, we can choose not to sow the seeds of ignorance or foolishness.

Whatever the situation is, positive thinking attracts good things while negative attracts you towards bad and makes situation worst. The great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Dr. Abdul Kalam and many more are the examples of having positive attitudes towards their life. Despite facing lot of troubles and negativity around them, they never lost hope and emerged as successful persons whom the world remembers even today and will remember forever. Thus, by identifying the negativities of oneself and trying to overcome the same by thinking more positively will help the person to achieve success and will lead him to become a good human being.


Success or failure in one’s life depends on the way of thinking. How he/she looks upon the situation in front of him/her. We as a human being in our daily life come across certain different kind of activities, meet various individuals, share many ideas and thoughts with other people and in this whole process we are simultaneously influencing others with our thought process and building up our personality as a positive or a negative thinker in front of others. 

Our positive thoughts come from our present situation which is the result of our hard work done in past, our achievements, how we handle a tough situation and move on in life. If we have an attitude of always seeing the positive side of the coin and simultaneously be self aware of what will be the maximum loss we will have if things went wrong or our efforts not materialize accordingly then we will always be able to maintain a balance in our mind for both the situation positive or negative then by this way we will be able to better plan & good thoughts.
Their exist lot of examples around the world of those personalities who have achieved great heights in their respective fields by their hard work and they are the man of their thoughts and become what they think.
Our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi is a perfect example. His thought of making India what India is today an independent nation proved that. Although it takes lot of sacrifice and time but if a man has positive thoughts & will power to achieve anything, the whole universe will definitely help to realize the same.
Another perfect example of present time is our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji. The way he is transforming India on all fronts socially, economically and politically is all because of his positive thought process. He posses’ lot of positive energy & positive thoughts inside him which always get reflected in his work. As we hear in many of his public speeches, that from the very beginning of his career he wanted to make positive social changes and change the life of other people in a better way. These thoughts of his mind brought him up to the position he is holding today as a people representative and the prime minister of this extremely huge democracy.


We should not waste millions of our thoughts to think negatively. All is well, all is beautiful. Everything has its own purpose in life. We have to be the person we want to become, for our destiny depends on the predominant thoughts that we keep on visualizing.  The mind is everything. What we think, we become. So, by all this we can realize that ” Ones thought makes one’s life”.


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