General Studies Essay Paper : Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for she was born in another time

rabindranath tagore

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Syllabus: General Studies Essay Paper:


Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for she was born in another time ― Rabindranath Tagore

The world around us is on a constant move and nothing remains the same for a large amount of time one can never be sure that what exists today may exist tomorrow, but even in this fast moving time we can be sure of one thing: CHANGE. Change is something which is an all-time present force, the world is remoulding, constantly reshaping to adjust to changes taking place around us causing even more changes; thus, causing a vicious circle of always changing.

When we consider the case with learning, the earlier generations were living in different time periods and had their levels, standards and understanding of learning as per their time and requirements. Now, we are living in a phase of life where mobile phones have become toys of children. The scenario is such that a 2 year child has its best toy as a mobile phone and his/her best activity is saying ―hello on phone. Learnings of the past have become obsolete.

Child is free from conflicts, status, role when born he does not know who is bad who is good, he only knows one language, his mother and father, he does not know what is casteism, racism, discrimination, barriers etc. He whenever he wishes, and cries when he feels uncomfortable. During his growing stages he needs help of parents, schools and society around him. So the cultural and social waves largely determine the upbringing of ones. Which sometimes lead the path to a victory, and sometimes obstacle to peace and prosperity.

Child is like a mud, he becomes exactly the shape we mould him however exceptions are always there. If we teach him good social and moral values he carries them forward in his life. Most of the Indian parents mentality is if they are a doctors, their kids also should choose the same profession, for that they start burdening the child from his child hood days, and in some schools if a student is not good at academics being a (doctors, teachers or engineer’s son) teachers will always point out at the students and tell that being so and so persons son you are not able to study. Firstly parents and teachers should understand that every child is unique, he /she is blessed with certain qualities. If at the right time we recognize the passion of child and support him, no doubt they will make wonders. earlier where Hockey and cricket were most common sports in India, our performance in other sports sych as shooting (AbhinavBindra, GaganNarang), Boxing (Mary Kom, Vijendra Singh) etc is a proof that if a child is allowed to pursue his/her passions, a progressive person will be evolved.

Times have certainly changed from that of studying in a school with a board and chalk in hand to smart classes with tablets, laptops in bags and smart phones in hands. These gadgets definitely help children learn in new innovative ways. If we emphasize on making children learn through chalk and board in this age, it would be a backward looking step and reflect an image of parochial thinking. With internet revolution science and technology there is greater integration of different countries of world into one unit. This has led to changes in economic, societal, political etc structure of every country. These changes are both necessary and inevitable with time. So child born in this current age has advantage of experiencing different cultures, gaining knowledge, accessing every individual, this would help him to follow what he likes, and become what he wants.

Social waves play a very important role in early years of child’s life through socialization. For example Malala Yousafzai a Pakistani education advocate who, at the age of 17, became the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize after surviving an assassination attempt by the Taliban. Country should always prioritize these socialization processes so as to sow a seed of humanity, which will one day grow as big tree and lead the future towards humanity, morality, honesty.

India is most discriminative country when it comes to women rights, empowerment and safety. though people like kalpana chawla, Geeta, Babita ,Mary kom, PV sindhu has set many examples after crossing the all the barriers, still many parents think that girls are burden and their life is limited to marriage and taking care of family. though government has launched schemes like” beti bachao beti pdhayo”, it didn’t reach every one and changed the scenario.In order to emulate values of humanity, equality, right to education, our mentoring systems like schools, colleges, universities should play an important role with full faith and spirit.  There is a need for identifying ones talent at early age and training in specialization at early age so that good opportunity can be plucked.

Countries like America and Europe are the best in terms of education and democratic values. They follow gender equality where male child is not treated as superior than female. They have top 50 universities, where as we have only one university in top 500. The education system in these countries follow freedom of choice and liberty. The only thing to be taught is moral and ethical values at the early stage, rest it should be left in hands of children to pursue their own interest and passion.

Some children in Afghanistan holds guns in their hand instead of pen, children of Kashmir hold stones instead of pen and paper, children of muslim think that hindus are their rivals.. Education system and parents need to teach the social behaviour, cultural values and ethics to the children at their young age. Apart from teaching syllabus, and focussing on getting good ranks, and good names ,teach them moral values which empowers them to differentiate between good and bad things. There is a need to identify the unique quality of a child rather than stressing him to get good marks in academics. Encourage the children in their passion, and help them to achieve their dream. There is a need to give liberty and freedom to children to choose their own career path.

Current age is of age of digital world, science and technology ,electronic gadgets etc. India should provide a solid infrastructure ,reputed universities to make children achieve their dreams in different fields like sports, music, art and drama, industries, technology etc. To understand the change, one must be let free to learn on their own, in their own way and style and contribute new avenues of learning to society.


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