General Studies Paper 1 – Full Syllabus

GS Paper 1 - Answer Writing

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General Studies Paper 1 


  1. Rock-cut structures were closely associated with various religions and religious activities. Discuss the statement giving relevant examples. 10 M


  1. Simon commission could neither pacify nationalists nor appease the communalists due to its explicit and implicit objectives. Examine. 10M


  1. Give a detailed account of different type of atmospheric circulations. Explain the associated mechanism and their influence on global weather and climate. 10M


  1. Discuss the various tribal integration policies/approaches followed since independence for assimilating tribals in the syncretic culture of India. 10M


  1. Inter-linking of rivers will address economic, political and social issues, but pose threat to the ecological and environmental diversity. Comment and mention some alternative strategies in this regard. 10M


  1. Even after seven decades of independence, the rural India is still affected from droughts and floods on frequent basis. Discuss the socio-economic implications of droughts in India and elaborate how it affects vulnerable sections of society. 10M


  1. Do you agree with the opinion that railways expansion transformed the Indian economy into an ‘agricultural colony’ of England? Comment. 10M


  1. To what extent Neo-colonialism played an important role in enhancing the mass appeal of Socialism and Communism in the countries of Third World during the later half of 20th century?10M


  1. Physiographically, Meghalaya is considered to be part of Peninsular India despite not being in Peninsular India. Justify. Also discuss its important mineral resources.


  1. What are the reasons that are responsible for location of most of rocket launching centres near equator and on eastern side? Illustrate.


  1. The market for Indian handicrafts has grown as a result of economic changes, an open economic policy and the growth of the private sector. Do you agree? What initiatives have been taken by the government to spread Indian handicrafts? 15 M


  1. Economic upliftment is one of the most enabling elements to release women from oppression, violence and powerlessness. Elaborate the statement. How far India has been successful in empowering women. Critically examine. 15M


  1. Despite historic and cultural ties, India – Myanmar economic and political relations have been far from satisfactory. Critically examine in the context of recently changing political dynamics in Myanmar.


  1. “Chronic” hunger is the elephant in the room in many Indian states. Examine 15M


  1. Despite continuous incidence of solar energy, earth’s average temperature remains almost constant. Explain the reasons behind this. In this regard, discuss the heat budget of earth and enumerate the factors that control the distribution of temperature on earth’s surface.


  1. Assess the institutional lapses in the preservation of ancient monuments in India. How far is it correct to say that by allowing corporate to maintain monuments indicate the abdication of responsibility of the State? Justify your answer.15 M


  1. With the emerging prevalence of nuclear family set-ups in recent years made the elderly vulnerable to emotional, physical and financial insecurity. Examine. Also, elaborate on various social security measures undertaken for the welfare of elderly population in India. 15M


  1. Explain the relationship between raw materials and location of industries. How are globalisation and technological advancements changing this relationship? 15M


  1. India is undergoing a demographic transition the implications of which are multipronged. Analyze. 15M


  1. The reorganisation of states in India post-independence has been an ongoing process with distinct contributing factors. Analyse. 15 M



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