General Studies Paper 4 (Ethics): Ethics are indispensable


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Syllabus: General Studies Paper 4 (Ethics)





Right from birth, we have been taught and embedded with what is right and what is wrong. Ethics is a trait that most of us acquire, the difference being in the values and perspectives which make it difficult for us to achieve. Further, the only problem lies in the way ethics are taught to people. Whether at work, home, or school, ethics form an essential part of every human being and hence, should be practiced by everyone, everywhere.



Ethics are important not only in business but in academics and society as well because it is an essential part of the foundation on which a civilized society is built.

  • Inhibits Knowledge
    • First and foremost, ethical norms help in gaining knowledge, analyzing the truth, and avoiding any chances of errors while examining any given circumstance or situation. Thus, ethics are most efficient for avoiding errors and prohibiting against fabricating, falsifying or misrepresenting any data.
    • As humans are prone to error, ethics has made it possible to realize the importance of humanism.
    • For instance, Ashoka realised the futility of wars and began advocating Dhamma.
  • Assists in Dealings
    • The right sense of thinking can help us deal with people on a daily basis in the right and positive manner. The absence of the right approach and wrong sense can only induce negative feelings, thereby affecting our communication with people as well. Ethics, which are built on trust, help in treating everyone as the children of GOD and love everyone. Hence, ethics that we pass onto others reveals the correct way of living.
    • Humans are also vulnerable due to ignorance and their own greed.
      • The quest for colonies and the subsequent world wars gave way to the formation of global institutions like UN, World Bank for peace and development. This was possible due to ethics.
  • Builds Public Support
    • By following proper ethical norms, they ensure building positive and strong public support.
    • With increasing adversities like pollution, climate and extinction of many species, it is ethics that is bringing together humans from different parts of the world to work together for sustainable development. Ex: Montreal Protocol, Paris summit.
  • Promotes Moral & Social Values
    • Ethics are considered to be of utmost importance simply because they assist in promoting other significant moral and social values. As such, values like social responsibility, human rights, animal welfare, compliance with the law, and health and safety, are some that are supported through practicing proper ethics. Any flaw in our values will reduce our ability to achieve success in our endeavours.
    • Increasing conflicts among nations and rise of emerging economies like India and China and their idea of multilateralism shows that ethics can help bring mutual understanding even among adversaries.
  • Leads to equality and inclusiveness
    • Equal opportunity to women in corporate world, giving up caste discrimination, welcoming tribal, LGBT, Aids patients in mainstream society.
  • Reduces corruption
    • The incentive for corruption can only be countered by ethics; Empathy and compassion for poor who are worst affected by corruption.
  • Helps in private affairs
    • Caring for old parents; respecting spouse, no domestic violence or marital rape; good upbringing of children.
  • Long Term Gains
    • Organizations guided by ethics and values are profitable in the long run, though in the short run they may seem to lose money. For example Tata group, one of the largest business conglomerates in India was seen on the verge of decline at the beginning of 1990’s, which soon turned out to be otherwise.



Ethics helped humans learn and evolve for the better. It can help solve many problems facing mankind and its environment. The Ethics have had been evolving for thousands of years in our society & lives that is the reason that without having proper law enforcement & justice system in past we could maintain a proper functioning of our society. humans are prone to errors, we see in our everyday lives the incidents of murder, rape, thefts, etc so we evolved a system that is LAW which governs what a person can & cannot do to another person.  Among society one need to understand why ethics play a vital role to everyone as a whole, and not being bias to only a part of the community.


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