General Studies Paper 4 (Ethics): Many civil servants have left a huge impact in the areas they have worked

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Syllabus: General Studies Paper 4 (Ethics)


Many civil servants have left a huge impact in the areas they have worked in. Explain with an example of the qualities, the civil servants should possess?(250 words)



Efficient running of administration of the country as a whole and its various departments very much depends on its civil servants.  A civil servant has varied responsibilities. Framing and implementation of Governmental policies is among the significant works. There have been many civil servants in our state whose impactful work contributed towards continuous growth and significant changes in society. A civil servant is an office of trust and thus requires the civil servant to display a range of qualities to be worthy of that trust. Some of the qualities of civil servant include.

  • Integrity :- It is the practice of synchronisation of thought, words and actions. It can be correlated to honesty but unlike honesty its more a professional value. Its related to institution. It advocate sacrifice of personal gains in favour of organisational objectives. In conflict between personal and organisational objectives organisation must be given importance. Financial integrity is important component. Civil servants are handling public assets they are the custodians of public money. Integrity ensures the economy of expenditure, reduction in unproductive expenditure, minimisation of corruption. hence integrity is utmost required value.
  • Objectivity :- Objectivity is a central philosophical concept, related to reality and truth, which has been variously defined by sources. Generally, objectivity means the state or quality of being true even outside of a subject’s individual biases, interpretations, feelings, and imaginings. It’s the quality of making the rational decisions without subjective biases, prejudices. Organisational decisions must be objective in order to make it efficient. 
  • Empathy is a form of receptivity to the other; it is also a form of understanding. Understanding of why some problem started in the first place.
  • Tactical skill. :skills required to make difference in society making public lives better. How can one  deal with the anti social thoughts and actions.
  • Multi level approach : A civil servant should not confined to a limited area of his ideas, he has to have this multi level approach that fits nearly most situations.
  • Persistence , He must have a sense of rugged professionalism, persistence and doggedness in pursuit of the desired objectives and be imbued with the courage of conviction.
  • Impartial : He must give fair justice for any predicament that may befalls him. He must not be partial on the grounds of one’s caste, religion or economic or political background. He is the judge here. And justice’s second name is equality
  • He must be willing to learn coupled with an open and broad minded approach to life and he should have a scientific and rational approach to everything.
  • Take all stakeholders into confidence and chart out a plan to fill the gap 
  • Oversee the implementation of schemes devised and take corrective action if required.


sudeshna senguptaCivil servant who inspires me is IRON WOMAN Sudeshna Sengupta(officer in the directorate of revenue intelligence).

  • She is in the DRI, Meant to nab violators of the custom act, She has chased down and nabbed those unsavoury characters, who usually make it to the daily crime pages of news papers. Drug traffickers, gold smuggler and fake currency kingpins. this shows her quality of persistence and impartial.
  • She got threat calls ,but the DRI officer is unmoved by these threats, and showing courage ,she willingly accepts these threats as occupational hazards.
  • Her most exciting assignment included nabbing a consignment of 15 kg of contraband gold being smuggled from mynmar and nabbing a smuggler.
  • The department had estimated that smuggling would have made 100 crore revenue loss to the exchequer.
  • She completed this task with commitment, dedication,courage,honesty and her tactical skills, which earned her DRI award for good work in 2018. And reinforced her belief in
  • She says, “What i am doing today will heal the past and build future”

There have been many brave, dedicated civil servants of India who have made us all extremely proud and done extra ordinary work for the country, some even losing their lives while performing their duty. The civil servant will be motivated by a sense of purpose and mission.  In India we have many youngsters who are not persuaded by the lure of lucre or foreign shores to turn their back on nation-building. Such dedication is all the more commendable when one realizes how political interference and bureaucratic apathy have dimmed the prestige of such a noble calling. Civil servants should be given freedom to doing impactful work.


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