Narender Singh Bhandari (Rank-228/CSE-2015)

Narender Singh Bhandari (Rank-228/CSE-2015)

1st Attempt, Sociology, Snapdeal executive, hails from Dehradun


Q1. Who was the chairman of you interview board?
Shri Chattar Singh
Q2. How long was the interview?
Around 40 minutes
Q3. Why do you want to join civil service? Why don’t you continue in your graduation field? Social service can be done from private sector too.  [Since I don’t know whether they ask you this question or not. But if they had asked- what will be your reply?]
Explained to them that did engineering as was the best option at that time(12th science )  but later when I got to know about the service ( IAS , IPS ) I liked the kind of impact we can make on development sectors , initially in the field and later in policy formulation. Made them emotional by sharing that I come from a hilly area , have experienced the difficulties we face , so it was a big boost for me that I can be an agent of change in varied sectors.
Q4. Please narrate your entire interview- what questions did they ask and what did you reply and other pleasant or uncomfortable experiences during the interview. (Earlier some toppers only tell me their question but not their answer. I would appreciate if you give both Question + your original answers)
I was the last person to be interviewed .The concerned attendant/peon did not ask for permission and almost pushed me to enter the room. I guess the members had not read my DAF properly by that time , they were having casual conversation over a drink and snacks.  SO a point to remember , generally do not ask may I come in – as the board will not say NO in most cases. Better is to tell the attendant to ask for permission. That way they will call you when they are” ready”.
The chairman (CM ) started
Me : Good afternoon Mams , good morning sirs
All : good afternoon.
CM : so you are an engineer  , you read ECE and you have good marks  So you must know about it ?
Me : ( with a pause and smile ) yes sir
CM : tell me the history of communication , till now ?
Me : ( a pause , I didn’t expect this )  sir at first we signaled with fire , then wire , then wireless etc with examples of each. ( I didn’t have any technical answer so used vague route )
CM : you are missing something !
Me : yes sir Letters or postal network came before the wire.
CM : yes yes ( ok you are not an idiot ) I wanted to hear that. You talked about wireless , which was the first wireless communication ?
Me : ( I was blank , some marconi  tesla flashed in my mind I was sure I would be wrong, but gave a long pause almost 4-5 seconds ) Sir the first intelligible wireless communication is when humans started talking to each other , like we are doing right now.
CM : ( Sir suddenly had a glow on his face ) yes good , that was the first communication ( either I was right or cm thought that I would check it later , lets go with the flow )  ( I was relieved for a few seconds , that I saved myself from embarrassment )
CM : so what is the future of electronics – how much can mobile phone sizes be reduced ?
Me : ( instantly ) sir there is a limit to further reduction in technology , future of electronics is large scale automation , wearable gadgets ( gave one example ) , internet of things etc ( did not take pause , so gave very inappropriate answer )
CM : wearable gadgets ! ?
Me : explained with example , like health gadgets on wrist to monitor patients .
CM : you said size has a limit so what can be done ?
Me : ( pause , nothing came to mind ) use better protocols which use simpler hardware .provide limited functionality ( though about my moto-g phone ) ( feld guilty for not studying this )
CM : no no what about data , think on those lines .
Me : ( pause ) yes sir cloud services , where we need not have much functionality on our device , but need high data speed.
CM  : yes cloud services is one way. Ok you told this with my help . now give one more on your own.
Me: ( thought , went blank , than a pause ) sorry sir , at the moment I have the limited answer only.
CM : ok no problem. ( pause ) What is a transistor ?
Me : technical answer ( pnp ,base emitter collector etc )
CM : no , like you will explain to a layman .
Me : it is a device which will help as a switch , in amplification of the signal , as a filter .basis of electronic circuits.
CM : ( sir added some point , which I agreed to avoid further electronic questions )
Why you want to join civil services anyway?
Me  : same answer as in above paras somewhere.
CM : ( looked satisfied with the answer )
Member 1 ( M1 ) : have you heard of ham radio ? what is it ?
Me : sir I do not have exact definition but is a localized radio service by amateurs for community purposes .
M1:  I am director of *some govt ham radio organization* ( I was smiling )
So you havenot done any ham project in college ? Me : No
M1 : what was your inspiration for CSE ?
Me : hilly area background , difficulties , but confidence that I could clear etc.
M1 : what are 3 diff between dehradun and delhi ?
Me : environment , culture , infra . Some easy questions on the same.
CM : pollution ? Me : sir it comes under environment
M1 : some hypothetical scenario as a DM . Answered well.
M1 : what will be your key areas ?  Me : education and health . female literacy is very impand also skilling the population.
M2: GS round ( Njac vs collegium , india-bangladesh agreement : why not similar with china , pak ? , problems with these countries , what is pendency of cases , how many cases pending , problems of higher judiciary , if you become part of govt how will you solve these )
M3 : ( Bengali lady , never satisfied with my answers )
Name uttarakhand tribes ? ( I had sociology )
Details about these tribes ?
Caste vs tribe ?
What is ‘dalit’ ? are tribes not oppressed ?  answered that tribes were independent even in historical Indian texts , almost no interference with caste. But dalits were at the bottom strata ritually , everywhere oppressed. These are two different worlds ( I regret that I missed tribe-caste continuum here ! )
As a DM how will you analyse problems of an area in uttarakhand ? I said discuss with zilla panchayats , ground level demand of population , see socio economic indicators  etc
How will you address them ?
UK SC population ? answered that 19% population is scheduled caste in uk and named various castes ,with their population share.
Diff between UK SCs ad UK STs ? same as caste vs tribe

M4 : why did you leave snapdeal ?
Me : it was preplanned step , to analyse if really wanted to be a civil servant and also due to financial reasons i.e. to return loan and save some for prep.
M4 : role of analyst ? ( prepared answer )
M4: did you like snapdeal ?
Me : ( did a mistake here  , praised snapdeal work culture too much , that it is a startup , young work force etc etc ) was a long answer.
M4 : so how will you adjust in the “system” , the long chain command of bureaucracy ? ( CM bent forward , he was eager to listen a good answer )
Me : ( I went blank  after a pause ) mam hierarchy is functional for proper functioning  , it’s its misuse that is harmful .
M4 : but how will you adjust ? ( I had the feeling that this question will cost me dear )
Me : ( no idea of lbsnaa training came to mind ) I said that I am eager to serve the people as best I can and hierarchy is needed in such a large system for proper functioning. I added that Indians are family centric people so no problem to adjust in hierarchical systems (m4 smiled but said that you are dodging the question )  I finally said : “ I agree mam that it is my assumption at present , but I think I will do well “
CM was least satisfied ( cost me the final impression )
( so don’t overpraise principles opposite to civil services )
M4 : what is encryption ? whatsapp news ? answered well
Aadhar Bill controversy , can whatsapp like encryption can be used in aadhar ?

Explained all this . CM said your interview is over , thank you. I was satisfied .
Got 179 . the bureaucracy question caused me a loss. But it could have been prepared , if I would have focused more on HR type questions from job sector.

Q5. Was your interview on the expected lines of what you had prepared or did they ask you totally unexpected questions?  Was it a stress interview, did they ask any uncomfortable questions? If yes, how did you handle it?
Very comfortable .sir gave enough time , though it was almost 2pm.our board started very late , so I was last in that whole batch.thanks to CM sir.

Q7. Any word of wisdom / observations about medical checkup?
Check your BMI ( body mass index = weight in kgs divided by (height(m)*height(m))  Should be less than 30.