• Deciding factor of your final ranking
  • 500 marks out of 2025
  • Choose optional that
    • Interests you
    • Has less syllabus
    • Is not too time consuming to prepare
    • Is Scoring (Some popular optional subjects have become difficult to score)
  • – How to find out
    • Shortlist optional subjects using above tips
    • Overview entire optional syllabus
    • Overview previous year question papers
    • Choose a topic from the optional and read on that topic from online or books
    • Try writing answer to previous year questions from that topic.
    • Repeat the same for other shortlisted optional subjects
    • Find out which subject was interesting to read and understand, comfortable to answer.
    • You will surely cut it down to one favourable optional subjects after this exercise
  • Many aspirants fail to clear the exam because they fail to choose their right optional subject. So never miss on this exercise.

Click HERE to go through various optional subjects – syllabus, strategy, reference books and previous year question papers