Preetesh Raman Singh (Rank-205/UPSC-2017)

Preetesh Raman Singh (Rank-205/UPSC-2017)

Law Optional, 4th Attempt, NLU-Jodhpur alumnus

Interview board chairman – Dr. B. S. Bassi

Duration : 25 – 30 minutes.

Interview Questionnaire:

Most of the questions asked were related to law and international relations. I was not asked anything related to my hobbies or co-curricular activities.


Ch– Can you explain the concept of strict liability in criminal law?
Me– Firstly I defined the term ‘strict liability’. It is well established that ignorance of law is not excused, however in certain cases ignorance of facts is also not excused due to nature of offence. That is even one does not have adequate mens rea (guilty mind), he is still punished. Then I gave the examples like Kidnapping, public nuisance, socio-economic offences, environmental offences etc.

Ch– Why do we have problem of under-trial prisoners in India?
Me– I explained the problem of delay in trials. Then I talked about the issue of poverty because of which many prisoners are unable to give surety for bail bonds. I also spoke a little on the provisions of CrPC with respect of undertrials.

Ch– Do you know the famous quote by Justice Krishna Iyer regarding the jail term and under-trails?
Me– Bail should be the norm and jail should be exception.

Ch– Is it happening in India?
Me– It is not happening because of various reasons. Police delays in investigation and filing of charge sheet. Under-trials are not aware of their rights. Getting bail is a costly affair for poor. Non-access to lawyers and legal aid augment the problem.

Ch– What is the main difference between ‘preparation’ and ‘attempt’?
Me– I could not answer it satisfactorily. I just ended up saying that attempt is the next step of preparation. Attempt is punishable separately or under section 511 of IPC. However preparation is punishable in very few offences like dacoity.

Ch– What are the recent amendments in Prevention of Money Laundering Act?
Me– I said sorry sir, I cannot recall them now however the amendments have been brought to increase the quantum of punishment.

Member 1:

M1– What are Quasi contracts?
Me– I gave the proper legal definition of quasi contract.

M1- Can you explain it with an example?
Me– Answered.

M1– What is FATF?
Me– I gave the full form of FATF along with its mandate with respect to black money and terror financing.

M1- What is the governance structure of FATF
Me– Sorry Sir, I don’t know.

M1– What does BIMSTEC stand for?
Me– I could not expand ‘T’ in BIMSTEC. I also told the countries in BIMSTEC.

M1– What is the governance structure of BIMSTEC?
Me– Sorry sir.

M1- What is SASEC?

Me– I had some idea but I chose not to answer. I knew that if I was cross questioned I would not be able to answer.

Member 2:

M2– Are our cyber laws enough to deal with any cyber crime?
Me– Yes, we have enough laws. However human resource development and implementation of law are the major obstacles in dealing with cyber crimes.

M2- IPC is a very old law belonging to colonial era. Today is there a need to replace it altogether with a new statute?
Me– Told about the rock solid foundational structure of IPC. Also talked about the recent amendments in IPC to ensure it’s relevance. Like criminal law amendment act, 2013, impugned provisions of Section 377 and adultery etc.

M2– What is the percentage of under-trial prisoner in India?
Me– According to NCRB data around 67%.

Member 3:

M3– It has been decided that Xi Jinping will be given another term. Do you think his rule in China is conducive for India?
M3– Should India breach Indus water treaty to punish Pakistan?
M3– How judges of ICJ are appointed?

Member 4:

M4– Various rules like CCS rules have made it difficult to dismiss a civil servant for non performance. Do you think these rules should be there?
M4– We have been talking about ease of doing business so much these days. One of the major factors is to reduce litigation. What should be done to achieve this and to bring more companies in India?

Interview panel was very cordial and made me comfortable. There was a mix of expected and unexpected questions. If one prepares his/her DAF well, then there is no need to take stress. There are moments when you are put under stressed situation and such situation needs to be handled calmly.