Priyank Kishore (Rank-274/UPSC-2018)

Priyank Kishore-UPSC 2017-Rank274

Priyank Kishore (Rank-274/UPSC-2018)

Commerce Optional, 1st Attempt


Q1. Who was the chairman of you interview board?

M Sathiyavathy Madam

Q2. How long was the interview?

15 minutes

Q3. Why do you want to join civil service? Why don’t you continue in your graduation field? Social service can be done from private sector too.  [Since I don’t know whether they ask you this question or not. But if they had asked- what will be your reply?]

This question was not asked to me. But I would have said that I have been inspired by my police officer father. He has had an extremely diverse professional career as well as received social recognition for his job. Private sector does not provide both the things together at such a young age.

Q4. Please narrate your entire interview- what questions did they ask and what did you reply and other pleasant or uncomfortable experiences during the interview. (Earlier some toppers only tell me their question but not their answer. I would appreciate if you give both Question + your original answers]


Ch. Is your course integrated?

No ma’am I cleared Delhi school entrance and currently in my final semester at the DSE. 

Ch. But why is likely date of completion of Ug and PG same?

No ma’am they are different, date of completion of ug and date of joining pg are same. 

Ch. Ok, read out details of my DAF aloud to other members, city, education, hobby, subjects taken during graduation. Said, interesting set of subjects. 

Ch. Started off with, have you followed the budget?

Yes ma’am, I have tried to. 

Ch. How far do you think the revenue and expenditure estimations are justified?

Ma’am IMF economic growth has projected India to be…..cut short, No, lets talk from some other perspective. 

Ma’am, DT and GST projections are good, given that they are buoyant, tax filing has increased, GST will become a source of increased revenue in the time to come, given that it is still not fully developed. 

Moreover, Direct tax(DT) will further increase given the manifold increase in tax filers and also given that we are switching to an online tax interface.(Nods) Disinvestment targets 80,000 cr look achievable. 

Ch. Don’t you think there is no real disinvestment happening, only govt companies buying each other?

No ma’am.  FDI.

Ch. FRBM norms have been breached.

Yes ma’am but because of 75k cr. in agri., there is slippage and we can afford to do that given how food prices have crashed. 

Ch. why volatility in stock market?

global, budget has brought positive sentiment from industry. 

Ma’am said no sentiment at all I think

Limited sentiment given this is only an interim budget. 

Ok thankyou. 


Lets shift from Finance to something else. Looks like finance is your forte.

M1. What do you know about the geography of JK?

I said, have traveled there, cut me short, and then said about PoK

I said yes, India considers the areas of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan occupied by Pakistan. these areas are given autonomy by Pakistan but not provincial status. 

M1. Ok, how much area is currently with India, does China also hold something?

Yes sir, 43% is currently in Indian control, don’t know exact area with Pak and China. 

M1. Does China also hold some area?

Yes Sir, Aksai shin and Shaksgam valley 

M1. Does Pakistan hold area larger than India?

Don’t know sir, will read about this when I go back. 

M1. What do you know about LoC and LaC?

Said, LoC is the line of control demarcated Indian state of Kashmir from PoK, LaC, Chinese controlled areas from India

M1. Do you think LaC is more than that or only in Jk?

Said, only in JK

Said are you sure

I said no Sir. 

M1. PSUs are in loss. Should we shut them? 

No sir, profit not sole consideration of PSUs. In Jan dhan yojana, SBI opened 20 cr acs out of total 33 cr. ONGC invests risk capital for making India self-sustainable in oil production. 

Ok, what do you know about One rank one pension? What are the issues and its current status. 

I don’t know sir, will read about it. 

Ok, Thank you, this member looked satisfied. 


M2. Ok, Do you know air show is currently going on in Bangalore

Yes Sir

M2. Name 2 aircrafts that are there

I said, may I think for a moment, and said Rafale and Tejas.

M2. What do you know about tejas?

Said, indigenously developed LCA, lightest in its category. 

M2. Do you know which missile?

Said no

M2. Its Brahmos, tell us something about Brahmos?

Indigenously developed nuclear tipped missile of intermediate range, also in the process of extending its range. 

M2. Ok Ok, How are Jharkhand and Bihar collaborating with each other?

Said, anti-naxal operations given the border Sahebganj multi modal terminal on National waterway will ease transport in Bihar emotional support

M2. Ok ok, But has Jharkhand benefitted as a separate state?

Yes sir, political representation increased, all but one tribal CMs, tribals in jobs otherwise. Said, Good Good. 

M2. You were alumni coordinator, why have Indian alumni not worked to their potential and worked in US

Said, US me colleges have been in existence for longer time, things are changing in India, IIMs have good alumni network. Ramjas also had Alumni presence in centennial celebration

M2. How does alumni help?

investments, hand holding, mentorship

Ok Thank you. 

MEMBER 3(Lady member, IFS officer).

M3. What is your service preference


M3. Ok, lets ask questions from IR. How has there been a policy shift in Indian IR approach in last 5 years. 

Said, more leverage of soft power, focus on African continent, and ASEAN. handled Srilankan constitutional crisis and Maldivian crisis well, without getting our fingers burnt. China also given a clear message after Doklam, we did not back off. Pakistan-Pulwama handling well. 

M3. How are we handling Pulwama well?

Pakistan isolated internationally in a very short period of time. Countries openly supporting India, tenor of talks with regard to countries like US harsher than under previous governments. 

M3. yes yes. Ok, tell me do you think the entire pressure of environmental mgt should fall on govt, if not, how can the common citizen support?

Ma’am, simple interventions like, segregation of waste at source which does not happen in Delhi, limiting plastic use, as well as cycling or walking more often can play a role, like it happens in European countries. 

M3. Tell me 2 countries with which our foreign policy approach has improved in past 5 years?

Said, South Africa and as a result whole African continent, Iran–have handled the crisis well, said why not USA, I wanted to hear USA(aisa kuch, not exactly)

M3. But is there any place to cycle of walk in Delhi, what about cleanliness?

(wanted to bring in SBM but M4 picked up instantly)


Domain knowledge is good, so lets ask something else. 

M4. Do you follow sports? 

Yes Sir, I try to. 

M4. How many times have we won Davis cup?

I don’t know Sir, but we have reached the finals. 

M4. When what happened?

We pulled out, I don’t know the exact background

M4. Do you think we should sever ties with Pakistan in the cricket wc also

yes sir, sports diplomacy is an integral part of Indo pak relations. Have to corner Pak on all fronts, sports being one part, unless something constructive happens from Pakistan’s end cannot play. 

M4. Ok Ok, Serena Williams in US open issue khud hi samjahya: fir pucha

Kya issue tha, gender and racial discrimination. 

M4. why weren’t there any sanctions against her

Said, don’t know, khud hi samjhaya fir. 



From all members, do you have any more questions? No. Thank you. Your interview is over.

General impression was confident abstract and random nature of interview Members seemed interested, were nodding throughout. Chairperson was smiling.

Problem- lack of flow in the interview, not very connected questions seem out of context no personal questions or questions on Hobby.