Raviteja B. (Rank-694/CSE-2015) IFS Rank 65

Raviteja  B. (Rank-694/CSE-2015) IFS Rank 65,

Mechanical Engineering optional, Osmania University, Telangana


Q1. Who was the chairman of you interview board?
Mr Vinay Mittal
Q2. How long was the interview?
30 mins
Q3. Why do you want to join civil service? Why don’t you continue in your graduation field? Social service can be done from private sector too.  [Since I don’t know whether they ask you this question or not. But if they had asked- what will be your reply?]
Civil services provides me the diversity of work profile. Social respect and also I can work in various fields which are crucial for Our country’s development such as Health,Education, Poverty related isues directly.
Q4. Please narrate your entire interview- what questions did they ask and what did you reply and other pleasant or uncomfortable experiences during the interview. (Earlier some toppers only tell me their question but not their answer. I would appreciate if you give both Question + your original answers)
Ans: Interview was mostly on my job profile but very deep into the topics , I didn’t have much knowledge into them. I could recollect some of the questions.

Why irsme(Indian railway service of mech engg) to irts?
Ans: Better career prospects in IRTS ad also IRTS provides me the diversity of job profile.
2.do you think railways need reorganisation? If so..As an young officer in railways tell me what reorganization is required at entry level.
Ans: Yes sir it needs reorgaisation. At entry level, There has to be reorganization at various stages such as deparmets as per Debroy committee. Railways has to focus on core areas of operation and outsource the non core areas. ICT technology must be inducted into more of it’s operations.

Can u compare our railways with chinese working model ?
Sorry sir. I don’t know

Don’t u follow other country’s railway system of working?
Sorry sir, I didn’t follow any country’s so far.

Mechanical point view, does railways need to gradually go for electrification or stay with disel locos?
Ans: Yes sir, We should go for gradual electrification as it provides better hauling capacity and energy efficiency. Most importantly, less GHGs will be released which helps in achieving sustainable development.
6 . Railway minister recently done something which contradicts this.. u know?
Ans: Sory sir, I don’t know.(Probably I should have told about two new diesel loco factories approval for GM and another French company)
7. U want to become ias, why?
IAS provides me the diversity of work profile. Social respect and also I can work in various fields which are crucial for Our country’s development such as Health,Education, Poverty related isues directly.


Mentoring. . Wat u do?
Ans: Sir, I takeclasses to children when I go toschoolsand guide them about their doubts and ambitions and also personal issues. Many children take guidance from me.

Ongc.. wat did u do? And regarding wind project
Ans: As part of our Wind energy team, I assisted in construction of 102 MW WPP at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Ongc projects abroad.
Ans: OVL which is ONGC is external arm is handling 35 projects in 17 countries. Example: Sakhalin in Russia, Farzad in Iran etc

field in kajakistan?
Ans: Sir, I remember it as Satpayev sir.

Any importance of caspian sea..in view of hydrocarbons ?
Ans: Sorry sir, Im unable to recollect.

Turkmenistan?  Tell me about TAPI line
Ans: TAPI line is in construction stage. ADB is helping in finance. And Construction agency is Turkmenistan company.

Wind project in jaisalmer.. wat r the problems?
Ans: 1. Land acquisition

Have to layout dedicated wires for electricity transmission to grid.
Robbery of copper wires in transformer nd turbine
Birds killed due to rotation turbines
Jaisamer located near by ak border, so every project there needs Airforce NOC.
Can ongc transfer oil from sakalin to india as per it’s stake 15% ? Is it possible
Yes sir, we need oil to fulfill our domestic demand, so wherever is available, we have to send it to our nation.

Wat are the cautions that countries take in international agreements?
Sorry sir, I don’t know

Soft diplomacy?
Ans: Relations between countries by using commonalities between nations such as movies, language, religion, yoga etc.

Constraints of soft diplomacy?
Ans:Countries are to have commonalities
And mostly limited to democratic countries.
Sorry sir, I don’t know much about the constraints apart from what I said.

How do u make the schemes better implementated?
Ans: Creating awareness among the eople about their their entitements and rights, and also schemes.
Motivating the employees
Adopting technology such as ICT to improve the effectiveness.

What makes you happy in ur job?
Ans: When I complete my work on time and that works is helpful to larger section f the society.

Wat do u prefer.. money or job satisfaction?
Ans: I prefer job satisfaction. It is the reason why I left ONGC(which is a lucrative job) to Railways.
Q5. Was your interview on the expected lines of what you had prepared or did they ask you totally unexpected questions?  Was it a stress interview, did they ask any uncomfortable questions? If yes, how did you handle it?
Ans: No. Yes Many of the questions were uncomfortable. But before this, in four of the UPSC interviews it was on expected lines. Said ‘NO’ confidently for many questions.
Q6. Any side details about technicalities like “make sure you bring xyz document or do xyz thing, or you’ll face problem”?
Photos and call letter.
Q7. Any word of wisdom / observations about medical checkup?
Go through instructions beforegoing to interview about fast and photos.