Shreyans Kumat – Rank 4 – Optional Anthropology

shreyans kumat

Shreyans Kumat – Rank 4 – Optional Anthropology


NameShreyans Kumat
PlaceNagina, Bijnor
GraduationB.Tech IIT,Bombay
UPSC RankRank 4 Year 2018
Attempt1st Attempt
Optional SubjectAnthropology


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Reference Books:


General Science – Polity
  • Laxmikanth + Vajiram Class Notes + Constitution Book
General Science – Economy
  • Vajiram Class Notes + Mrunal Videos + Macro-economics NCERT + Budget and Economic Survey
General Science – History
  • NCERT (Bipan Chandra) + Vajiram Class Notes + Vajiram Yellow Book + Spectrum Tables
  • TN XI NCERT + Fine Arts XI NCERT + Vajiram Class Notes + GkToday selective notes for culture + ExamRobot for previous exam questions
General Science – Art & Culture
  • TN XI NCERT + Fine Arts XI NCERT + Vajiram Class Notes + GkToday selective notes for culture
General Science – Environment, Science & Technology
  • Shankar IAS Notes + Vajiram Class Notes
  •  Vajiram Class Notes
General Science – Geography
  • NCERT (XI, XII) + Vajiram Class Notes + and Mrunal videos to fill gaps
Mains Optional – Anthropology



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  1. Be a little curious while doing revisions (not much that it leads to wastage of time) For Example: In one of the questions, BHIM App was asked. Everybody knew that BHIM App has been launched by the government but only those who would have used it was able to mark it correctly in the last prelims.
  2. Do not take CSAT lightly (even if you are an engineer/science student). Practice 2–3 last year papers in the time limit to be sure about crossing the cutoff.
  3. Be ready with the checklist for the last day before Prelims — admit card, black ballpoint pen, snickers, lunch, etc. If possible, visit the center beforehand to break out of anxiety on the D-Day morning.
  4. Have a good night sleep before the final day
  5. Focused preparation that we have done matters but what also matters is the experiences you have had till date. While attempting any particular question, keep an open mind to form linkages and eliminate options. For Example — Last year a question regarding the religion of Sthanakwasi sect was asked. One of my friends remembered Jain Sthanak from the center of the market in his city and marked it correctly. The bottom line is — any experience of your life till date can come in handy to eliminate an option or mark an answer correctly. So, keep an open mind while attempting each and every question during those 4 hours.
  6. And DO NOT calculate your marks in the break from some random key on the D-day. Complete CSAT and then you can go for matching with any key. I personally waited for reliable keys like Vajiram, Vision, and Shankar.


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