UPSC PRELIMS 2019 : Global Peace Index; Iceland retains top spot

Global Peace Index; Iceland retains top spot

Topic : Global Peace Index; Iceland retains top spot

Topic in Syllabus: International Affairs



Global Peace Index; Iceland retains top spot

India’s is ranked 141 among 163 countries on the Global Peace Index 2019.(136 in 2018)

The GPI is a report produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) and developed in consultation with an international panel of peace experts from peace institutes and think tanks with data collected and collated by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The GPI measures ongoing domestic and international conflict, safety and security in society, and the degree of militarisation in 163 countries and territories by taking into account 23 indicators.



  • The index ranked Iceland as the most peaceful country in the world,a position it has held since 2008.Other countries at the top of the Global Peace Index(GPI) are New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, and Denmark.
  • Afghanistan has been ranked as the least peaceful country in the world replacing Syria which is now the second least peaceful.
  • The report has also said that India along with the Philippines, Japan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Pakistan are the nine countries with the highest risk of multiple climate hazards.
  • The report also says that the US, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia and India are the top five countries with the largest total military expenditure.


Global Peace Index(GPI):

  • The GPI was founded by Steve Killelea, an Australian technology entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • It is released by Australian think tank Institute for Economics & Peace.
  • It ranks countries according to their level of peacefulness based on three thematic domains:
  • The level of societal safety and security.
  • The extent of ongoing domestic and international conflict.
  • The degree of militarisation.
  • Possible effects of climate change on peace is newly included in this research.


Sample Question:

According to Global Peace Index 2019, Which country managed to retain its position as the most peaceful country in the world?

A. Newzealand
B. Austria
C. Iceland
D. Denmark


Answer: C