Vijay Singh Gurjar (Rank-574/UPSC-2017)

Vijay Singh Gurjar (Rank-574/UPSC-2017)

Sanskrit Literature, 5th Attempt, hails from Jhunjhunu


Interview board chairman – Ms. Sujata Mehta

Duration : 25 – 30 minutes.

Interview Questionnaire:

Ms. Sujata Madam welcomed with a smile.

Madam: Vijay, is this your picture?
Me: yes madam.

Madam: tell us something about you?
Me: I am Vijay Singh belongs to jhunjhunu  Rajasthan. I have done shastri form my native place and worked in Delhi police as Constable and SI and as an Inspector in Central excise and Income Tax.

Madam : you seems very hard worker, started from Constable and sitting before me, so what’s your philosophy of life?
Me: (Unable to handle this question, not expecting this so earlier) Madam, I love to learn, I always like to learn new things, work hard and stay focused.

Madam: you have worked in Police as Constable and SI, you should go in police, why IAS first?
Me: Madam, In police, I can work for crime prevention/ police related only but as an IAS, I can work more towards society.

Madam: How you will stop trafficking of women and children?
Me: (Unexpected question) We can improve surveillance by enhance co-ordination between Railways, Transport dept., Police and local authorities in various states.

Madam: No, No, How you caught them? What mechanism you have?
Me: We can ask police beat staff to regular monitor all placement agencies, if any complain received, the action should be fast and sensitive.

Madam: Is there any institution on national level for this?
Me: Sorry Madam.

Madam: Ok, (Asked M1 to ask)
M1: You have studied Sanskrit, use of foreign language in Hindi is harming sanskrit??
Me: No sir, Sanskrit vocabulary is already very rich (more than 1 billion words). So this is globalization effect on Hindi, but not affecting Sanskrit.

M1: What should we do for Sanskrit improvement in India?
Me: We should implement the recommendation of N. Gopalswami committee (Tell 5-6 recommendations), give some ideas like Sanskrit teaching method changes, Online portal like e-Granthalaya, Appointment of Sanskrit teacher and translators, mix Sanskrit,ayurveda and yoga to bring more jobs for Sanskrit scholars, start a Sanskrit lab to do R&D on Sanskrit literature to assist us in IPRs.

M1: (seems satisfied) How it will help you in administration?
Me: Normal answer like character building, knowledge of history, art and culture, improve my concise capacity etc..

M2: You did Shastri in Sanskrit and join Constable, why? Normally try for teacher.
Me: After  my graduation, I need a job to assist my family, so I joined it.

M2: Where is more “money” in Excise or Income tax??
Me: Sir, tax collection is higher in direct taxes. But individually GST collection will be higher.

M2: Can eradication of direct tax (Suggested by Baba Ramdev) is possible?
Me: Sir, our direct tax collection is around  10 lac crore, so how we fulfill this. I think in near future it is not possible.

M3: Asked a long question around 2-3 minutes regarding Tribunal system in India (I am posted in ITAT, Delhi), but I am unable to understand his question.
I requested to repeat the question, again he repeated his question of 2-3 minutes, still I am unable to understand, what exactly he want to ask. I again requested that I am unable to understand.
Sujata Madam intervene and asked M4 to ask:

M4: You worked in Police, what is the name of committee formed after Nirbhaya case on Law reforms?
Me: Justice Verma Committee.

M4: Good. Please tell major recommendation in IPC section wise?
Me: sir, some changes in JJ Act…………stopped

M4: No,No just tell about IPC???
Me: Sir definition of rape has been changed, rape is defined in various forms, punishments has been increased.

M4: Do you remember sections also?
Me: Sorry sir.

M4: What is tax avoidance and tax evasion??
Me: I replied the same (Prepared question)

M4: What 3 things you have learned in police department that inspired you a lot?
Me: Situational Decision making, to serve all part of society, stay alert all time.

M4: (Smiling), Have your thought on North Indian has been changed ??
Me: Yes sir

M4: How?
Me: Earlier, when I was in schooling and college, I also treat them as different person. Now, I am more sensitive about their problems, I know better their behavior etc…

Madam: (Watching TV, fixed just behind me) Look, what’s going in Chennai? IPL match has been shifted form Chennai? Is it right?

Me: No madam, It should not be done. Sensitive matters should be handled carefully, they should not be politicized.

Madam: Ok vijay, your interview is over, If you want to ask us anything, you may ask??
Me: No madam, thank you.

Madam: Ok, all the best
(I thank all members and left the room)